Man Talk

What it Means to Be a Man:

Being a man means you may not bring roses home to your lady but you do check the air pressure in her tires. Being a man means making the right and often hard decisions when no one is looking. Being a man means never backing down from what you want. Being a man means getting up at 2am to change a diaper. Being a man means being strong of mind and spirit. Being a man means digging really big holes just to show you can. Being a man means killing that monster spider in bathroom.  Being a man means gritting your teeth when your lady is sleeping on your arm and its been numb for an hour. Being a man means reaching the top shelf. A real man in one sentence: I can open that jar.

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Life is hard, it’s harder when your stupid.” – John Wayne

Courage is being scared to death… and saddling up any way.” – John Wayne