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“You want me to stain my shirt… on PURPOSE?”

The idea for this shirt came from my personal experience with my mom and dad. Growing up with a Greek father, who loved olive oil and eating, was at times a messy relationship. I recall many meals where my father, wearing a new shirt, would spill. Olive oil STAINS, did anyone know that? Mom would roll her eyes, ANOTHER STAIN! Her hours in the laundry room with every possible solution, none of which worked, is a scene imprinted in my memories.

Many fights and unresolved conversations still haunt me to this day. One day, Dad came up with his own solution, NO SHIRT AT THE TABLE! I always sat across from him, now my view was a bare, hairy chest and large stomach, this was not an appetizing dinner, for anyone. The food still fell, but to chest hair and stomach. I was forever scarred! The dinners that continued were without most of the rest of the family, people couldn’t get past viewing him and eating at the same time. Dad was slowly ostracized to his chair in the living room, eating alone.

The rest of his years this practice continued, holidays he was forced to wear a shirt at the table, that he would stain. There was never resolution to this problem. I, in good conscience, could not just sit by knowing it was happening across the country to other families. Thus, the Official Man’s “eating shirt”, was born!